Saundra’s Story

Hello, I’m Saundra Gilliard!

Nationally Recognized Storyteller and Personal Transformational Leader

I grew up in a family of strong, independent women. Some of my earliest memories were sitting at the kitchen table listening to my mother and my aunts talk. From an early age, I was raised with the mindset of “you need a good education and a good job, so you don’t have to depend on anyone but yourself.”

I took those instructions to heart. I went to college and eventually found myself on a corporate path. My first job was working for a fabulous woman who worked her way up from a secretary to a Vice President during a time when women were just entering into corporations. She was as tough as nails but she became a great mentor and taught me how to climb the corporate ladder.

The one lesson I’ll never forget is how upset she would get when some of my feminine traits came out at work. It was then I learned that in order for me to be successful at work, I’d have to switch my femininity off. I couldn't be a woman – I had to act like a man.

I compromised my feelings so I wouldn’t appear too emotional. 
I silenced my voice so I wouldn’t come across as too opinionated. 
I had to put my dreams on the backburner to prove my commitment to my career.

One day, I looked in the mirror and realized I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t keep making sacrifices that minimized who I was.

It was time to make a radical change and rediscover me.
So, I walked away from that six-figure job. I spent the next several years deconstructing the masculine definition of “success” and healing the damage I had done to myself.

That’s why I’m dedicated to helping women like you – women who are caught in that tension of being themselves in a man’s world. I was once in your shoes. I’ve done the hard work. Now I am here to let you know there’s another way
Women must become the authors of our own stories.
By re-writing our own stories, collectively we can breakdown systemic barriers and break through our own limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in the old paradigms, perspectives and patterns that we’ve been socialized to live by.  

Together we will:

• Rediscover how to infuse our woman-affirming practices and behaviors in every area of our lives.
• Reclaim the validity of our feminine values by strengthen our demand to be heard.
• Recommit to demonstrating respect, love and reverence for ourselves and for all women.
• Regain the ability to harness our divine feminine powers to ignite positive social change.
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