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Femininely Free! offers in-person and on-line story-based programs, courses and coaching services created to support women in taking radical action to redefine what it means to be a woman.
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All coaching programs are offered virtually 

• 6-month group coaching experience
• 12-month group coaching experience
• Limited one-on-one private coaching

Please contact us to learn of available coaching opportunities
Our courses are conducted in-person and on-line

Each story-based course is designed to help women reclaim and celebrate their feminine values and worth. We teach women to use personal narratives to break rules, dismantle barriers and disrupt traditions that limit beliefs about what it means to be a woman.

Our primary focus is to teach women how to re-write the stories that they’ve been told and author new narratives about who we are as women.

Course participants develop the confidence, courage and skills to:

• Raise their voice and visibility
• Break free of limiting beliefs about being a woman
• Embrace womanhood
• Reclaim their feminine value
• Live life on their own terms
• Inspire and advocate for other women
• Awaken and celebrate the Feminine Divine

We also offer workshops, trainings and special events throughout the year.
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Sister Circle
Women Wisdom Circle
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Accountability Group
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